5 More Turkish Soldiers Perish Under Syrian Army Artillery Fire in Syria

Turks fired at the Syrian army and the Syrians fired back

Turkey has been moving many more military convoys to Idlib lately

Earlier today reports broke out that the Turkish military — which had recently greatly bolstered its numbers in Syria’s AQ-held Idlib — had joined the Islamist rebels in a counter-offensive against the Syrian army, which would mean Turkey had joined the war in Syria on al-Qaeda’s side. That turned out to be a mere virtual “Twitter” offensive, albeit something like that can’t be excluded for the future.

In the meantime in real life, the Syrian army continued its dive and captured a few more settlements:

Another thing which happened is that Erdogan got 5 more of his soldiers killed and just as many wounded. Turkish artillery at Taftanaz airbase which they had recently occupied started firing at Syrian army positions in the key strategic town of Saraqib. The Syrians returned fire, killing 5 Turkish soldiers, and destroying some artillery pieces:

— UPDATE — The number of Turkish KIA from this incident has been updated to 6.

  1. Zaphod Braden says

    Remember 9/11/2001? ANYONE? “We will get AlQuaeda wherever they are” … SURE.
    The REAL reason America killed Soleimani, he played a massive role in halting the spread of ISIS.
    Of course the USsrael is mad at Iran for fighting ISIS …. ISISrael is OUR dog.
    ISIS never runs out of ammunition or explosives. ………….. WHY?!
    ISIS never, ever, attacks ISISrael ………………………………… WHY?!
    ISIS is completely surrounded by supposed enemies.
    Everyone of the countries surrounding ISIS is SUPPOSEDLY an ally of the USA.
    Time for the USA to take a good hard look at it’s “allies”.
    Our “intelligence” agencies should have identified and destroyed those who are supplying ISIS but have not …… WHY?!
    “our” Generals have not destroyed those who are supplying ISIS ………… WHY?!
    You know DAMN WELL WHO supplies their weapons, that kill American Troops.
    The FIRST thing a general that WANTS TO WIN a war does ….. is cut off enemy supplies. Time to clean out the Traitors.
    The chaos in Syria was winding down. The TRAITORS in the Pentagon had spent 24 months at $10MILLION a DAY bombing sand. ISIS continued to hold miles long parades of OUR equipment complete with flags on clear, dry, sunny days, and the TRAITORS in the Pentagon “could not seem to HIT them with any of those thousands of bombs”. ..
    Then the Russians came in and blew the ISIS asses off. Did you notice the parades ENDED. We had no problem with thousands of stealth tankers daily moving oil from isis-controlled areas to turkey(Erdogan’s SON), and on to the entity. Too bad Putin blew ’em up, blew ’em up real good! “Russia didn’t want Syria turned into a #FailedState like Libya & entered the war on Sept 30th 2015. They started bombing 100’s of ISIS oil tanker trucks and oil fields with just 35 planes. ISIS revenues were cut by 50% & things turned around.
    ISIS has ZERO antiaircraft abilities. the TRAITORS in the Pentagon could have dropped bombs from HOT AIR BALLOONS or BIPLANES ……. We KNOW who the Pentagon is working for and it is NOT America.
    That would be a “tragedy” for Israel and Turkey who are BOTH plotting to seize Syrian land for “greater” Israel and the “caliphate” of Turkey all the while genocidally flooding White, CHRISTIAN Europe with muslum invaders …………. they had to get that war going again …..

  2. tapatio says

    President Assad is trying very hard to discourage Erdogan without starting a full-blown war with either Turkey or the US.

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      That is essentially what is happening, I believe.

      I am glad to see the Syrians showing at least some spunk against Erdogan.

      1. tapatio says

        True. Both Assad and Putin are determined to avoid a broader war – especially with the US.

      2. Clyde Weathers says

        What’s funny is how Erdogan is on his knees eating sht out of the i$raeli-Amerijew asspipe…

  3. James Willy says

    Why was that turk chopper not shot down? Shows this is just theatre. Syria allows the turk to fly? WTF? They do have manpads, no? What about S300? Right. Switched Off.

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