43% of East Germans Hold the US Responsible for Russia-Ukraine-NATO Conflict, Only 32% Say It’s Russia’s Fault

17% vs 52% in the West

A majority of 49 percent of all German citizens are currently of the opinion that the intensification of the East-West conflict is due to Russia. Only 21 percent blame the US and only 7 percent blame the EU. In 2018, things were different: at that time, 50 percent blamed the US for the intensification of the conflict and only 25 percent blamed Russia.

However, this is the first time that the discrepancy between East and West has become apparent. Currently, 43 percent of East Germans still see the USA as mainly responsible for the intensification of the conflict and only 32 percent Russia.

In the West, 52 percent say the responsibility lies with Russia, and only 17 percent see the problem with the US. A minority of 7 to 8 percent in East and West blame the EU, the rest voted “I don’t know”.

With regard to foreign policy, a large majority of German citizens are in favour of European states pursuing an independent foreign policy that also takes Russian interests into account. 

That’s what 85 percent say nationwide. In the West it is 84 percent, in the East even 94 percent. Only 10 percent (East: 2, West: 11 percent) are in favor of the closest possible connection to the West and the USA as well as for a clear distance to Russia.

Source: RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland

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