4 in 10 Russians Believe War Is Likely

Overwhelmingly they hold the US and NATO are to blame

Two in five Russians believe war is likely to break out with Ukraine and blame the United States for heightened tensions, according to a new independent survey published Tuesday.

According to the Levada Center, 39% of Russian respondents believe that war with Ukraine is either highly likely or unavoidable.

Another 38% said that Russian-Ukrainian war is unlikely. [Precise term: “little likely”.]

Only 15% rule out the possibility of a Russian-Ukrainian war.

Exactly half of those polled blamed the U.S. and other NATO countries for the current tensions in Ukraine.

Older respondents were more likely to blame the West than their younger counterparts.

According to Levada, 16% of Russian respondents pinned the blame for heightened tensions on Ukraine. That figure saw little change when broken down into age groups.

Only 4% blamed Russia and 3% the pro-Moscow breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine for the standoff. These figures also remained unchanged across all age groups.

Younger Russians, however, were more likely to say that no one is to blame for the Russian-Ukrainian tensions or not answer the question than their older counterparts.

Levada conducted the survey among 1,603 respondents across 50 Russian regions between Nov. 25-Dec. 1. [That is to say two weeks ago, before the current standoff reached the present intensity.]

Source: The Moscow Times


  1. Steve Ginn says

    Anybody with more than one functioning brain cell knows that it is the US of Israel initiating this conflict!

    1. GMC says

      The Russians don’t understand or believe the Zionist Israel are in charge of the USA and EU, because their media never touches the subject. They don’t use or know the word Jew { yevrey }.

      1. Alexandr says

        Wrong. Such theories, provided that a very large part of Russian nationalists nad patriots are Jews, causes only laughter 😀

    2. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

      The zios are at least as friendly to Russia as they are to the Imperialist States.

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