Democrats Handing Out ‘Unity’ Molotov Cocktails in Case They Lose Election Court Cases

PHILADELPHIA—Representatives of the Biden/Harris campaign and the Democratic National Committee have been distributing “Unity”-branded Molotov cocktails so supporters will be prepared in the event they lose the court cases alleging massive widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

“We want our supporters to be ready to spread the message of unity in case the courts don’t feel like this is the time to heal,” DNC Chairman Tom Perez said.

There are several states still in contention with counting still going on and multiple lawsuits alleging pollworker and ballot fraud in several key swing states including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Georgia has begun a manual recount and audit of its election.

Many people still think the election is not settled despite the fact that Genesius Times have declared Kanye West the winner.

“This is the time to unite, whether you like it or not and we’re going to ensure we unite one way or the other. We don’t want to unite using these bad boys, but we will,” Perez added.

Source: Genesius Times

Text may contain traces of satire.

  1. thomas malthaus says
    1. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

      That’s outstanding. Thank you. I had my collapse epiphany right after the invasion of Iraq.

      1. thomas malthaus says

        He’s a very fine writer. A prolonged exposure to Amerikan life and he had the good sense to return to Russia.

        I had two epiphanies: the 1978 to 1982 “recession” and the 2008 meltdown. One could reasonably link economic downturns with US-led wars, regime changes, and widespread Washington and corporate graft.

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