3 Russians Soldiers Killed in ISIS Ambush in the Syrian Desert

The soldiers were ambushed, outnumbered, and in a car

The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced 3 Russian soldiers were killed late last February when they were ambushed in a car:

“At the end of February, three Russian servicemen, while returning by car in the daytime after completing the task of organizing the delivery of humanitarian aid to one of the settlements in the province of Deir ez-Zor, were ambushed by militant groups. After the ensuing battle, the Russian military disappeared without a trace, ”the ministry said.

ISIS claimed credit and the Russians claim they were able to later track down 30 ISIS members involved in the attack and kill them.

Footage of the shot up UAZ the Russian soldiers were traveling in has also appeared on the internet:

The bodies were reportedly recovered and returned to Russia.

ISIS is finished as a territorial state but continues as a hit-and-run guerilla force operating from deep in the Syrian-Iraqi desert and as underground cells in inhabited areas.

This brings the deaths of Russian servicemen in Syria since the start of direct Russian involvement in September 2015 to 116, 39 of them in the crash of a military transport plane last year.

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