246 Fully Vaccinated Michiganders Test Positive for COVID, With 3 Dead

Schools closed by Gretchen's decree until end of school year

This week, public health officials in the state of Michigan have revealed that at least 246 residents have tested positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated. At least three of them have also died since recently receiving their vaccine.

According to a spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Lynn Sutfin, the cluster of cases covers the period between 1 January and 31 March. Each of the group are confirmed to have tested positive at least two weeks after getting their final does of the vaccine, with a total of 11 persons hospitalized from the group.

“Some of these individuals may ultimately be excluded from this list due to continuing to test positive from a recent infection prior to being fully vaccinated,” said Sutfin.

She added, “These cases are undergoing further review to determine if they meet other CDC criteria for determination of potential ‘breakthrough’ including the absence of a positive antigen or PCR test less than 45 days prior to the post-vaccination positive test.”

“In general, these persons have been more likely to be asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic compared with vaccinated persons.”

More Vaccine Problems

This latest news from the US also highlights one of the fundamental problems which those promoting the idea of mass vaccinations routinely avoid: the fact that the COVID vaccine does not actually prevent infection of the virus, nor does it prevent those who are vaccinated from further spreading the virus.

Even the vaccine manufacturers along with numerous leading science journals – have all admitted that their experimental corporate vaccine product may only reduce or mask severe symptoms in certain cases, and do not prevent vaccine recipients from potentially becoming ‘silent spreaders’ of the virus.

This latest report is problematic for state officials because nearly two million people out of Michigan’s 10 million residents have already been fully vaccinated, but the state still claims that its hospitalizations are increasing at a ‘fast rate,’ although it’s not clear what state official are comparing the current level of hospitalizations to exactly.

The state is also touting a ‘record number’ of “cases,” with more than 700,000 recently testing positive, which means that Michigan (supposedly) leads the nation in new cases by population.

However, the now routine use of hyperbole by many public health officials and media outlets has made it increasingly difficult to separate the usual fear-laden headlines from an accurate science-based portrayal determining whether there is an actual pandemic happening in America.

As a result of the panic generated by a large number of positive tests, Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an Executive Order which orders all K-12 school buildings to close for the remainder of the school year.

“My number one priority right now is protecting Michigan families from the spread of COVID-19. For the sake of our students, their families, and the more than 100,000 teachers and staff in our state, I have made the difficult decision to close our school facilities for the remainder of the school year,” said Whitmer.

All this despite the fact that from the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, Whitmer imposed one of the harshest lockdowns in the United States – with many now left questioning the efficacy of lockdowns, as well as the non-scientific basis (simply counting positive test results) upon which the draconian policy is based on.

Source: 21st Century Wire

  1. ken says

    “Even the vaccine manufacturers along with numerous leading science journals – have all admitted that their experimental corporate vaccine product may only reduce or mask severe symptoms in certain cases, and do not prevent vaccine recipients from potentially becoming ‘silent spreaders’ of the virus.”

    Man,,, People just don’t get it! (lol)

    There’s no such thing as silent spreaders. It’s the ‘vaccine’ stupid. The damn manufactures come out and tell you the ‘vaccine’ doesn’t work and people STILL won’t believe it. They line up for it! They fight each other to get it.

    If the DNA hacking concoction causes your body to produce the supposed viral protein,,, just how hard do you suppose it would be for them to program that useless PCR test to pick up on them and throw out a positive?

    Okay,,, one more time,,, it’s the ‘vaccine’ stupid. They want you dead. That witch Witless is either complicit or totally stupid. Probably both. The ‘vaccine is causing the illnesses and death, not the fake virus or its equally fake mutants.

    The kids not being indoctrinated 24 & 7 might be their undoing as these kids might be able to actually think,,, unlike their parents.

    I’ll bet people will still be lining up for the jab even after half the population is dead. It’s embarrassing!

    1. Voz 0db says

      Not people! Using that word nowadays is simply wrong.

      The herd of modern moron sheeple are Ignorant, Irresponsible and Idiot.

  2. Art says

    “Vaccines” or whatever we call injections into the body – primarily and always toxins – are manufactured. That assumes that we are all identical machines. There is no genome. It is a computer simulated “thing”. It is science merged with technology outside of reality, it’s gaming in more than one way. It’s based on a dumbed down population gullible enough to never ask questions, to obey on command. This friends is what our dumb ass civilization has wrought. Destruction.

  3. Mark says

    I don’t believe the virus is fake. I believe it is just another coronavirus – it’s not like they are uncommon – and that natural immunity would shield the population adequately against it were it not for the wrongheaded flailing of public health, the only people in the world who believe you can fight an infectious airborne respiratory virus by suppressing it. It can live for a long time without new victims while everyone is huddled under their bed in lockdown. As soon as that state is lifted because ‘cases’ went down, they will flare up again, and the public health witch doctors affect to be surprised, and scream “It’s a fourth wave!!” or whatever number we are up to now. Just count the number of lockdowns and minus one.

    For their own purposes, though, the global leaders and their public-health zealots and their corporate enablers are pretending natural immunity does not exist, and that the only path to immunity is vaccination.

    Tell you something else – Pfizer has a long and colourful criminal history of lying about the efficacy of its products, concealing adverse effects, bribing medical personnel to boost its products and advertising drugs for purposes other than the designed facility.


    Pfizer received the largest fine in US history – $2.3 Billion – for misrepresenting drugs, promoting drugs for purposes other than they were made for and paying kickbacks to doctors. It produced defective heart valves and lied to regulators about the hazards, which ultimately resulted in more than 100 patient deaths. It paid more than $60 million to settle a lawsuit over its diabetes medication, which killed patients by acute liver failure.Pfizer was found guilty in courts of law for racketeering, bribery, overcharging public services and using patients for medical experimentation without their informed consent.

    Are you going to believe them when they say, “But baby; I’ve changed!”

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