2019 China Is Very Much Capable of Giving US Taste of Own Sanctions Medicine Over Taiwan Arms Sale

The Chinese sanctions threat is no joke — turns out US weapons makers have business interests in China Beijing can leverage

Editor’s note: So China has leverage over the likes of General Dynamics and that’s even before we start talking about rare earths (albeit with rare earths there would be the problem of what to do if US arms makers simply started acquiring it through go-betweens).


  1. James Willy says

    Why does XI not do something then? IF (underlined) He can supposedly? He should destroy the usd TODAY. Just do something already, whatever it takes. Destroy kazaria stan already. Why do we keep hearing about it day after day. And NOTHING gets done?

    1. Alternate History says

      China and Russia do not act precipitously, as a rule. They are patient and know how to wait. By waiting, they can exert maximum leverage when they decide to respond.

  2. Nick Rhynes says

    It’s like qanon, lol. Talk, talk, talk and nothing comes of it. If China had the nuts they would do this, or that… Same story, different day.

    Meanwhile, the US continues to muscle its way around the globe unchecked and practically unchallenged.

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