15 Percent of Russia’s Reserves Are Now Held in Yuan

Yuan is already a reserve currency where Moscow is concerned

The reserve hoard is now at 20 percent gold and 15 percent yuan. And between 2 and 10 percent dollar. Russia holds nearly one half of world’s reserve RMB.

Earlier this month, Russia reportedly continued the sell-off of its US bond holdings even as the Russian Central Bank’s foreign exchange and gold reserves grew in value to the equivalent of half a trillion dollars.

The share of yuan-denominated assets among Russia’s gold and foreign exchange reserves has climbed to about 15 per cent since 2018, Russian Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov has said.

“Over the past year, we have increased the share of holdings in Chinese assets, to where approximately 15 percent [of total] gold and foreign currency reserves are held in RMB,” the minister said, speaking to Russian media.

“This has not happened before,” Siluanov added.

A decline of dollar-denominated assets and the rise of gold and other foreign currencies in Russia’s reserves has been observed since 2017. Over the past two years, Russia has shaved its US bond, currency and other dollar-denominated holdings from over $92 billion to just $12.136 billion as of April 2019. [Albeit $38 billion of that may have been Russia merely offshoring US bonds to Caymans.]

At the same time, earlier this month, the Russian Central Bank announced that the country’s foreign exchange and gold reserves had climbed to approximately the equivalent of $502.7 billion as of 7 June, growing by about 1.5 per cent since 1 June.

Along with the yuan, Russia has boosted the purchase of a basket of other currencies, including Japanese yen, euros, British pounds, Canadian and Australian dollars, and Swiss francs. According to Bank data, yuan holdings proved a lucrative investment between June 2017 and June 2018, providing the highest yield among the portfolio of currency assets during the period.

In addition to currency, the Central Bank has been building up its gold reserves, with net buying of gold in the first quarter of 2019 reported at 55.3 tonnes, and Russia’s total reserves growing to 2,168.3 tonnes of the precious metal.

Central Bank chief Elvira Nabiullina has previously explained that the diversification of Russia’s assets was taking place in a bid to reduce economic and political risks it faces, including (but not limited to) US sanctions.

On Friday, Russian media reported that Siluanov and Chinese People’s Bank Governor Yi Gang had signed an intergovernmental agreement earlier this month to boost cross-currency settlements in trade to up to half of its total value in the coming years.

China is already Russia’s largest trade partner, with trade turnover growing by close to 30 percent in 2018 and reaching the equivalent of $107.06 billion. During that year, Chinese imports of Russian goods reached the equivalent of $59.08 billion, while Russian imports from China hit $47.98 billion. Earlier this month, Russia’s minister of economic development said the countries now have the “ambitious” goal of close to doubling trade to the equivalent of $200 billion in the coming years.

Source: Sputnik

  1. John C Carleton says

    Thats better than Ratschild’s fake, fiat, illegal, counterfeit, backed by absolutely nothing of intrinsic value, “US” Not federal, No reserves, and Not a bank, “dollar”.

    1. Garry Compton says

      Read this John and see if you have come across this before. Article by Alexander Chuikov – About the Russian Gold, the Fed and the Burnt Archives – Zelenkov is one of the Historians – I read at Yandex – Zen. Spacibo

      1. Canosin says

        this guy is a complete retarted brainless ignorant sicko….. does not make sense to discuss this idiot…. I’ve blocked him…..

        1. Garry Compton says
      2. John C Carleton says

        Do you have a link?

        1. Garry Compton says

          https://www.rospisatel.ru/chuykov-frs.html?utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fzen.yandex.com It was a read in Russia here and I caught it , translated it etc. The most interesting parts is how Russia, China and the USA { Lincoln} made a deal to get rid of the Rothschilds and start an honest Fed. They deposited billions of dollars in Gold in Spain for the start up and after Lincoln and Alexander the II got assassinated, the gold went to NY and Spain etc. I see the Alaskan sell as only a lease but with everyone dead and the archives stolen and burnt – the Fed and the Alaska sell was another scam. Me being mostly Alaskan but in Ru now.

          1. John C Carleton says

            In addition to the evil done Southern American’s by the War Criminal Russia during the late War of Invasion, rape, Robbery, Pedophillia, Arson, Genocide, and occupation, Russian spies, and agents, had thoroughly infiltrated the Red Bolshevik loving FDR, the USA military, OSS, (forerunner of the CIA), Congress, the Manhattan project.

            A joint effort by the USA government and Red Bolshevik Russia , led to the assassination of my cousin, a real America, who was murdered by USA & Russia, for not selling America out to Russian Red Bolshevik communism, George S Patton.

            ‘Target Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton (World War II Collection)’

            Now as long as Russia stays in Russia, recalls all their Russian Expat & spawn there of Non Semitic Khazarians, who are in DC, using American children for Sexual party favors, cannon fodder in wars for Israhell, (The Rats), the American worker as Usury debt slaves, I am willing to let by gones be by gones, with the Caveat, stay the hel out of my Land, keep their Khazarian noses out on my Land.

            Way I see it, as Russian Expat and Spawn thereof, the Rats are Russia’s problem to clean up.

            But Putin is a Rat’s minion giving aid and comfort to the Rats in Occupied Palestine, so I am not holding my breath.

            I will promise you. if it comes to a shooting war in America, and any Russian mercenaries are found in my neck of the wood, they will receive one to the back of the head.

            I will not abide any more Russian interference in American affairs, and that includes Russia’s Pedophilic Rat pack.

          2. John C Carleton says

            Link don’t work, or is being jammed.

            1. Garry Compton says

              Others have gotten it but it’s in Russian John. They are in different countries tho – Anytime I e mail the states it goes thru probably 20 different Agencies – too.

            2. John C Carleton says

              I get special treatment at times from Uncle Pedophile Sugars Peeping Tom Agencies.
              Get my internet slowed to a crawl, jammed, get blocked from certain sites at times.

              CIA tried to recruit me as an asset.
              USA used me for a lab rat along with hundreds of thousands of other military personnel.
              They figured i was mad enough to play their game.
              Being a weapons guy, always figured I was supposed to end up as a dead “shooter”, at some false flag mass shooting.
              They tried for years to reel me in.

              Take it as a badge of honor to be a pain in the behind to the evil which is USA/WASHINGTON DC
              Never been to Russia, not planning on going.
              But figure it is about like here, most people are sheep with a few who understand whats going on,

              Moscow is not Russia, and Washington DC, is not America.

            3. Garry Compton says

              Well, to be honest – I used to live in Ukraine – Now I live in Russia. LOL But it wasn’t Russia’s fault, Crimea voted to ditch the Nazi’s that were funded by Israel and the US/NWO. It was a No Brainer for the Crimeans. Things turned out – for the very best , I can honestly see.

            4. John C Carleton says

              I understand why Ukrainians hate Russians.
              Russians Genocided, (Holocausted), Ukrainians just like the Red Bolshevik infested yankee “puritan” USA trash Genocided, (Holocausted) the Southern people.

              Course the Rats were in control of Russia when that went down, the Rats had a big hand in what was done to the South.
              The Rats are in control of Ukrainians now.

              I was never was one lost any sleep over the Crimeans hooking back up with Russia.

              I am not an empire builder.
              (I was one in past lives, but one must grow up sooner or later).
              Not one wringing my hands because the USA, (military arm of the Rat’s British Empire), is going down the toilet.
              That actually benefits America and Americans.
              I care about America the Land, and America, the people.
              Am like my cousin George Patton.
              Don’t really care what shade of tan one is, or where their ancestors came from, as long as one is loyal to America the Land, and America the living souls.
              Not all people living on the face of the land of America, are Americans.
              Some are blood suckers who are loyal to themselves first, and a foreign power or people second, and who throw America and Americans to the dogs.

              The Rats seem to be the common denominator when there is human suffering, death, destruction, evil, pedophillia, theft, and wars.

              Therefore, if one eliminates the Rats, one breaks a link in the chain which binds humanity in misery and slavery.

            5. Garry Compton says

              80% of the Ukraine Cheka were Jews – they did the number on the Ukies.Along with the Banderas buddies a bit later.

          3. John C Carleton says

            You will find when it comes to politics, what is shown or put in history books is seldom the truth or whole truth.

            Lincoln was a racist against blacks, bi-sexual, manic depressive, shyster railroad lawyer.

            His administration was filled with Khazarian Red Bolsheviks, who fled Europe after the failure of their attempting Marxist revolutions in the 1940s & 50s.
            ‘Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War’

            Lincoln objected to having to borrow money from the usury bankers, to fight his illegal war.
            So he printed Green Backs, backed by nothing, fiat currency, which did not make him popular with the RothsRat crowd.

            Imperial Russia was backing Marxism when they stuck their nose where it did not belong, in 1863.
            They did so, to hurt Britains attempts to expand into Asia and the Northern Pacific Ocean region.

            “Friends in Peace and War”: The Russian Navy’s Landmark Visit to Civil War San Francisco (Military Controversies)

            Session was understood to be legal, before Lincoln wiped his behind on the constitution, Mass. threatened to secede during the war of 1812, while the country was at war,, 49 years before they led the charge to rape, rob, slaughter, and occupy the South, which had seceded legally, and was then a foreign to the USA, country.

            The war was not a Civil war, was an criminal invasion, (which went against the USA’s own constitution), of a foreign nation.
            The dictionary definition. of a Civil war, (at least in the dictionaries of the time of the late war of Criminal aggression by the USA & Russia against the Confederacy), is when two or more factions try to control the same government.

            USA lied from the start calling it a civil war, as the Southern Staes legally seceded, formed their own government, wanted nothing to do with the USA government.
            Was in no way trying to control in any way USA/Washington DC.

            The reason the USA did not try Jefferson Davis for treason, was in. a court of law, trying the president of the Confederacy, for treason against the USA, would have proven the legality of the session of the Southern States, in a court of law, showing the world the illegal criminality of the USA, & Russia.

            So Russia was a war criminal, helping a war criminal, (USA), do war crimes.

            Now, if there was gold involved, you bet the Rats will steal it if they can.

            Every time the USA invades a country for the benefit of Israhell, run by Russian Expat & spawn Khazarians, for the Rothsrats, USA steals the gold of the country they invaded, and I will assure you, that gold is not being devided amongst Americans.

            The Rats get it.

            So irregardless of who was doing what with or for the RATS, USA invading the confederacy was a war crime, and Russia helping them out, against the Confederacy, was a war crime, done for the benefit of Russia.

            1. Garry Compton says

              The South was bank rolled by the Rothschilds and so was the North – Vietnam war was too – Even tho the Communist North won – they still have a Rothschild Central Bank. They’ve been playin the Game for Centuries – they’re good at it .

            2. John C Carleton says

              The grounds upon which the South seceded was valid and legal.
              I have no doubt the Rats were hoping to benefit from the war.
              Rats are scum, and will show to feast on the carcasses of the dead, wherever there is conflict, and start the conflicts themselves given half a chance.

              In times of old, when the Rats got out of control, a community would come together and have a big ole Rat killing.
              Then things would get bearable for a time.

              Humans should honor age old traditions.
              They are there for a reason.

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