14 Israelis Who Got 3rd Shot Already Tested Positive for the Covid Plague of Death

Maybe the 30th will do the trick?

Editor’s note: More bad news for the Democratic People’s Republic of Australia (DPRA). If they’re going to mass house arrest everyone every time there are 5 test positives it looks like they’ll be doing it for a long time indeed.

Fourteen Israelis have been diagnosed with COVID-19 despite having been inoculated with a third COVID-19 vaccine dose, according to Health Ministry data reported by Channel 12 news on Sunday.

According to the network, two of those infected after receiving the booster shot have been hospitalized.

It was not immediately clear whether the 14 contracted the virus before or after receiving the booster. Such sporadic instances would not be enough for medical officials to draw conclusions as to the third dose’s general effectiveness in fighting off the Delta variant of the disease.

Eleven of the 14 cases were over the age of 60, and the remaining three were immunocompromised individuals under 60, the network said. The two that were hospitalized were over 60.

Some 420,000 Israelis have been administered a third booster shot so far, in a drive that began last week.

Meanwhile, in a Sunday meeting, government ministers fought over the prospect of a nationwide lockdown during the upcoming High Holiday period amid surging COVID-19 cases, according to leaks published on Hebrew-language media.

Minister of Education, Yifat Shasha-Biton

Reports on Channels 12 and 13 and elsewhere said Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton, who has courted controversy by calling plans to vaccinate students in schools a “crime,” said during the cabinet meeting that the option of a lockdown must be “taken off the agenda.”

She said such talk was leading to economic instability and “people are anxious for… their livelihood,” the reports said. “We have seen the charts — it doesn’t matter whether countries imposed lockdown or not, the morbidity charts look the same.”

Intelligence Minister Elazar Stern concurred: “We need to eliminate the word ‘lockdown’ from our lexicon. We are causing people to live under threat.”

Hamad Amar, a minister in the Finance Ministry, noted that Australia is currently in its eighth lockdown yet cases are still on the rise, claiming that “lockdown isn’t a solution.”

Source: The Times of Israel

  1. Michael Arnold says

    It is not a vax of course people will get it! Stupid people!

  2. ken says

    There’s not much that can be done about people that refuse to listen to reason but prefer lies and bs. Many prolific pundits and self claimed geniuses claim the virus is real. Problem is, they offer no proof whatsoever. None,,, zero,,, nada,,, Believe me because I have a PhD or I write the best AI code or just because I am popular.

    One writer actually claims a civil war may occur because of the tyranny BUT the virus is real… again,,, no validating proof.

    Another claims anyone saying the virus is fake is a conspiracy theorist but doesn’t bother to explain how he knows the virus is real except some damn doctor told him he had it.

    How would the doctor know? Symptoms? Sneezing, coughing, high fever, tiredness, etc. Those symptoms fit a thousand diseases! What,,, a PCR test(lol). The Tanzanian president sent the WHO samples of a Mango and some oil and both tested positive.

    The Tanzanian president along with three other presidents that did not play ball is dead.

    I say the virus is a scam Here is my proof.

    The CDC, WHO and almost every government on the planet, through FOIA requests state the virus has never been isolated. They’re NOT hiding it!

    The CDC is canning the PCR test because they say it cannot distinguish between the covid and the flu. With that said,,, how can they claim any of the test results since the beginning of this nonsense were covid? And why would they continue using such a test until the end of the year?

    There antibody test is just as bad. Anyone with a cold in the last ten or fifteen years show coronavirus antibodies. Of course they do. The common cold IS a coronavirus!

    The inflating of the alleged covid deaths. Anyone dying of (anything) that ‘tested’ positive for covid in the last 28 days is marked as a covid death. Here in Florida a person dying in a motorcycle accident was marked covid.

    Governments pay hospitals and doctors mucho dinero to mark a death as covid. For those that may not understand, this is called bribery.

    In Australia, one 80 year old woman dies of a ‘PCR tested covid’ (according to authorities) and they lock the joint down. One,,, Uno. — Man,,, there’s little hope for Australia! —

    All the above is logic and the logic points to the virus is a scam. The illnesses, if any, are likely the flu or the common cold.

    It would be really nice for someone,,, anyone,,, to show proof the virus is real.

    1. Mark says

      Ha, ha!! Okay, it’s not funny, but yes it is. An outbreak on a Carnival Cruise Lines ship, which contained only fully-vaccinated crew and all passengers. So it’s back to masks for everyone, but only so your vacation can be both fun AND safe! Come up on deck and enjoy doing the Macarena, why not, with one of the crew leading you. Okay, the ‘Heyyyyyy, Macarena!’ part comes out a little muffled because everyone is wearing a face diaper, but what the heck, we can learn to have fun wearing a mask, right? You – you, in the hot tub! Mask on, please, Sir. It does so work even when it’s wet, Dr. Fauci told me.

      Is it possible that at some point COVID turned into a test to explore just how absurdly stupid people are?


    2. Eddy says

      O.K. so according to your post, this virus does not exist and the pandemic is all a con. I’m fine with that, BUT what is it, that is killing people who have not been vaccinated ?????? Considering the jabbed victims, who it is alleged, have now contracted the virus, how is this determined, if the virus has never been isolated ? What is it, that is killing these people ???

      1. Big D says

        It’s called influenza. It has been killing mankind for thousands of years, until Covid cured it….

      2. edwardi says

        That’s not it at all, and no the post does not imply the virus does not exist. your reading comprehension needs to go back to school. I will not attempt to explain it to you, since , well, you know, comprehension.

      3. Dan Foresman says

        So there is a monster in the hospital. Bogus tests, diagnosis of symptoms without accurate confirmation passing as hard data.
        kidneys fail from Remdesivir. Call it respiratory instead of drowning due to organ failure… people can’t breathe looks like the Crown Vic 19th precinct cop card played another royal flush…
        Dr Brian Ardis.… look him up click the link sorry for the rude title you’ll see, Brian is articulate and doesn’t use colorful language however.

  3. Raptar Driver says

    Good job fake jews!
    Go for a 100%.
    Has the beast turned on the harlot?

  4. NGg says

    Zionist mafia runs the show

  5. Steve Kastl says

    The Rothschild crime family kills 80% of Israelis by vaccine, so they don’t even care about Jews, just $$$$ and power. Sociopathic mafia family playing God = Rothschilds.

    1. Big D says

      If they are not Luciferians, they are not part of the elite. Ordinary Jews are the same to them as Christians, Muslims, or any other religion that does not generate Satan.

    2. edwardi says

      I would be interested to see how Mel Gibson handles the Rothchilds in his new movie, if indeed he can pull it off. With the right writers it could conceivably be a real BarnBurner.

  6. edwardi says

    It’s a damn shame we can’t post these to facebook, let me try to cut and paste, they were disallowing that yesterday from NEO.

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