13 Percent of People in Wales Hospitals With COVID Are Unvaccinated

Wait, who's taking up the holy hospital space?

New figures have been released which reveal how many coronavirus patients in Welsh hospitals have been vaccinated.

Data from Public Health Wales shows that of the 614 people in hospital with Covid on September 21 a total of 80.3% (493) of them were double-jabbed, 4.2% (26) had received one jab, and 12.9% (79) were unvaccinated.

Of the 470 coronavirus inpatients aged 60 and over 90% had been given both vaccine doses, 2.6% one dose, and 7% were unvaccinated.

Of the 144 patients under 60 with Covid 48.6% had been double-jabbed, 9.7% had received one dose, and 31.9% were unvaccinated.

As a significant majority of adults in Wales have now received two doses of the Covid vaccine experts said it is “to be expected” that a significant proportion of people in hospital will be fully vaccinated.

However the data clearly demonstrates that people are far more likely to wind up in hospital should they have received no jab at all. [That may be so but the picture is complicated by the unvaccinated being tested much more often (eg upon admission for something else), and by so many hospitalizations with Covid being actually for something else.]

Public Health Wales has explained this by comparing the rate of hospitalisation in vaccinated and unvaccinated people per 100,000 population – similar to the seven-day Covid infection rate reported each day.

In the four-week period between August 23 and September 19 the Covid hospital admissions per 100,000 people was 32 in fully-vaccinated people and 53 in unvaccinated people. [It would be interesting to see what is their rate of all hospital admissions, whether for Covid or not.]

In the over-60s, where people are far more likely to need hospital treatment, the Covid hospital admissions per 100,000 was 63 in fully-vaccinated people and 121 in unvaccinated. This means that if you are unvaccinated and in this age group you’re twice as likely to need a hospital admission. [So that’s just a 50% reduction.]

Dr Chris Williams, consultant epidemiologist for Public Health Wales, said: “The best way to understand vaccine effectiveness is to look at population level studies and not at hospital data.

“The incidence of hospitalisation is around two-thirds lower in vaccinated under-60s compared to unvaccinated and about 40% lower in vaccinated over-60s than unvaccinated.”

Source: Wales Online

  1. Ilya G Poimandres says

    You should also show the second spreadsheet.

    My argument would be that given that the national statistics (and Google) put the population at 3.15m, with 0.55m under 15s, the 2.9m total in the second spreadsheet is out of someone’s behind.

    But if we take their 2.9m and remove 0.55 proportionately, so 1.8m bioweaponed adults with 710 admissions, and 600k sane adults (over 15s is a decent proxy) with 369 admissions.

    So we get per million statistics of 39ish/100k for the sheep, and 60ish/100k for the normals.

    So assuming they test jabbed and unjabbed people with identical methodology, the jab reduces hospital admissions by 33% – compared to unjabbed patients completely abandoned by the ‘medical’ profession before they are in hospital.

    But of course they didn’t even get the population of Wales correct, and they included all the children, so I wouldn’t even trust the statistics here.

    1. ken says

      Every number,,, data point is skewed and unreliable. The same people wanting every creature on the planet jabbed are the same people entering and maintaining the data. The old wolf guarding the hen house analogy.

      1. Ilya G Poimandres says


        We gotta keep the message though that these profilactic jabs are only ever compared to covid patients who are not treated with any medication at all.

        I bet my 8 lemons a day’s worth of strong hot tea, for when I get ill, would do petty well against these jabbed covid patients (and the risk of death from lemon tea is pretty low too!)

  2. jimbogoofball says

    FAKE NEWS. The unjabbed are 100% ok. Just stay away from the dumb ones that got jabbed until they all die. Hopefully not too long to wait.

  3. Mark says

    So when 100% of the population is fully vaccinated, all the COVID patients in hospital will be fully vaccinated. Except it was supposed to keep you out of the hospital. So are we going to extrapolate that even if you are double-vaccinated (1) you can still contract the virus, (2) you can still carry and spread the virus, and (3) you can still be hospitalized with it, and die from it.

    Good to know. Remind me, again – why is it of paramount importance that everyone gets vaccinated?

    Interestingly, statistical data from the UK and India shows that the probability curve for mortality by age from COVID can be overlaid with the probability curve for general mortality all causes, and the two match almost exactly. As you get older, there is a better chance you will die from something, or die from COVID. It is pretty much flat until age 50, and goes up quite sharply after 80. Jeez, I mean, who knew?


  4. ken says

    “However the data clearly demonstrates that people are far more likely to wind up in hospital should they have received no jab at all.”

    What data?

    Far more likely to end up in hospital from what? Are we just supposed to assume covid!

  5. Cap960 says

    There are less unvaccinated than vaccinated it makes sense they would be more vaccinated for n hospital. Not pushing for the vaccine! The Vaccinated can still get the virus. Can still spread the virus.

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