12 US COVID Field Hospitals Constructed at $532 Million Are Standing Down Having Treated 82 Patients

That works out to $6.5 million per patient

The US allocated and spent $660 million for the US Army Corps of Engineers to build (largely through private contractors) 17 field hospitals for the prophesied surge in Covid-19 patients.

Of these four never opened. Of the 13 completed 9 have yet to treat a single patient, while the other four have treated 6, 37, 39 and 1095 patients respectively.

Excluding the hospital improvised in New York’s Javits Center which has a capacity for 1900 patents but treated 1095, the other 12 completed hospitals treated 82 patients combined. Many have now closed.

Yeah, this is just like the BLACK DEATH.


SUNY Stony Brook Stony Brook, N.Y. Turner Construction Co. $155,500,000 1,038 0
SUNY Old Westbury Old Westbury, N.Y. AECOM Technical Services Inc. $118,504,737 1,022 0
McCormick Place Chicago Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority $65,526,533 3,000 37
Westchester County Center White Plains, N.Y. Haugland Energy Group LLC $46,971,895 100 0
Colorado Convention Center Denver ECC Environmental LLC $34,609,792 2,000 0
Walter Washington Convention Center Washington, D.C. Hensel Phelps Construction Co. $31,793,893 443 Not yet complete
Commercial Appeal Building Memphis, Tenn. AECOM Technical Services Inc. $26,134,527 40 Not yet complete
Miami Beach Convention Center Miami Beach, Fla. The Robins & Morton Group $25,925,692 450 0
Sherman Hospital Elgin, Ill. Turner Construction Co. $18,255,251 283 0
Westlake Hospital Melrose Park, Ill. Bulley & Andrews $16,391,366 314 0
MetroSouth Medical Center Blue Island, Ill. Clark Construction Group LLC $14,989,955 350 0
Wisconsin State Fair Expo Center West Allis, Wis. Gilbane Inc. $14,912,326 530 0
The Ranch Events Complex Loveland, Colo. AECOM Technical Services Inc. $13,331,415 1,007 Not yet complete
Suburban Collection Showplace Novi, Mich. Gilbane Federal $11,754,262 1,100 6
Javits Center New York City New York Convention Center Operating Corporation $11,364,953 1,900 1,095
East Orange General Hospital East Orange, N.J. Cutting Edge Group LLC $10,993,404 250 Not yet complete
TCF Center Detroit Gilbane Inc. $9,452,813 1,000 39

“All those field hospitals and available beds sit empty today,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, said last month. “And that’s a very, very good thing.”

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, said: “These 1,000-bed alternate care sites are not necessary; they’re not filled. Thank God.”

Senior military leaders also said the effort was a success — even if the beds sit empty. Gen. John Hyten, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asked at a news conference if it bothered him to see the field hospitals go unused.

“For gosh sakes, no,” Hyten said. “If you see beds full, that means the local capacity of the local hospitals to handle this [has] been overwhelmed. And now we’re into an emergency situation.”

The Army Corps started building more than 30 field hospitals, retrofitting convention centers and erecting climate-controlled tents, in mid-March. Agency officials pushed to get these facilities done fast — limiting the bidding process and often negotiating directly with contractors they knew could deliver on time.

“I tell our guys, you have three weeks,” Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, commander of the Army Corps of Engineers, said at a Pentagon news briefing in March. “You get as much as you can [get] done in three weeks. And then the mission is complete. We have a narrow window of opportunity. If we don’t leverage that window of opportunity, we’re gonna miss it.”

  1. seamusn says

    Use them for the homeless.

  2. HuggyBear says

    Maybe we can repurpose them as Euthenasia centres for Demonrat lefties! – would help the statistics?

  3. Padre says

    It’s certainly a very,very,very good thing, especially for the contractors!

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