100,000 Projected Deaths Later Swedes Must Be Real Sorry About Not Suffering Through Medical Stalinism

Oh wait, except that never happened. Here's a UK to Sweden comparison in six charts

Lockdowns Are Useless, Projections Were Idiotic Drivel

Did lockdown work? Sweden did not have a mandatory lockdown. How does their Covid story compare to the UK’s?

How many people died per day?

The overall shape of the curves for UK and Sweden is remarkably similar.

In deaths per million population, the daily numbers for Sweden are lower than the UK’s

How about the total number of people dying from Covid?

This chart provides a cumulative count to show the increasing number of people who have died in each country, shown in deaths per million. Again the deaths in Sweden are lower than the UK’s.

Did lockdown slow the rate of increase of Covid deaths?

The UK government anticpated an exponential growth in cases based on Imperial College’s much criticised computer models. We can now look back at the data and see that there was never any exponential growth in either country – the rate of change had a negative trend right from the start. Sweden and UK share very similar trajectories. Lockdown seems to have made little or no difference.

Did Swedes have a partial voluntary lockdown?

Google’s mobility data is harvested from Android users, and gives an indication of changes in behaviour regards where people spend their time. In the following charts, Spain is included as an example of another country with a strict mandatory lockdown similar to the UK’s, although it started around a week earlier.

It can be seen that around the time the UK lockdown started, all three countries began to attend the workplaces less. This effect was less true for Swedes.

Unsurprisingly the UK and Spain began to spend significantly more time at home, while for the Swedes this pattern was less emphasized.

Source: In Proportion

  1. Emmet Sweeney says

    More importantly, Sweden and Belarus seem to have had LESS deaths for all reasons during the past six months than in the first six months of 2019. All lockdown countries had more. This can only mean (1) It was the lcokdowns, not the virus, that killed the extra people. and (2) The virus is less dangerous than an average flu.

  2. John D. says

    The comparison between SWE and UK is not sincere. SWE is far less densely populated. SWE has about 23 inhabitants per sqkm whilst UK has about 275. The chances of catching the virus are much higher in Britain. Granted SWE also has a few larger cities, still in no way comparable.
    I am also a critic of lockdown measures, but this comparison lacks credibility.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      Sweden also doesn’t accept derelict refugees from anywhere.

    2. Saint Jimmy (Russian American) says

      Dangerous virus not dangerous. Never has been. Anyone still partly sane now knows that. No matter how long and hard the corporate/intelligence agency monopolized press shrieks about the deadly virus, the facts will never go away. At some point in the future when civilizations are again sane, free, and mostly secure, History will judge the early 21st century west {US, UK, EU, Canada}, in particular, very harshly.

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