10 Mind Virus Memes

If the previous compilation of memes gave you a laugh in these infuriating days, here’s 10 more memes to make you smile, and reassure you that you really aren’t the only one thinking this is all a big load of crap:


So THAT’S why Sean Bean died in all those movies! It was covid all along!


Another Dumb & Dumber meme for your enjoyment.


To be honest this might as well be the PCR test… Fantastic comic by @GPrime85.


Because THAT’S how it works, right?


Can you imagine the horror if we didn’t have this flimsy piece of fabric?


And in case the previous one didn’t make the point clearly enough…


Another relatable comic from MadeByJimbob


Thanks to sc0rp for leaving this gem in the comments of the last memes list!


In case you didn’t read Kit’s article about the London march


And my absolute favourite this week:

Hopefully these memes gave you a much needed laugh during this utter nightmare. Don’t forget that there are thousands upon thousands of people out there who also think masks are ridiculous, don’t want the jab, and aren’t going to take the ‘New Normal’ without a fight!

Hang on in there!

Source: Off Guardian

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  1. ken says

    Kudos Off Guardian,,, Kudos…..

    The humor shows the complete nonsense of it all!

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