#1 Tennis Star in the World Is Spending Christmas in Australian Detention

He can leave and be blacklisted for 3 years — after having been told by the Australian side he was clear to arrive

“If you don’t have a visa or all the documents, you can’t even board a plane, especially not for Australia. Other tennis players who had a medical exemption entered the country” — Serbian PM

The key piece of information:

Djokovic was granted an exemption after review from two independent health panels set up by Tennis Australia and the Victorian government.

The Australian side (the Victorian government) had communicated to Djokovic that was clear to arrive.

The other key piece of information:


The Australian side had issued exemptions to five other players and granted them entry when they arrived. Of the six only Djokovic was told he was clear to arrive but then detained when he showed up.

Finally, according to his brother:

“Novak could even come back but then he would be blacklisted for 3 years. Novak does not want that, he was treated as a criminal, he is an honest athlete who did not commit any offense.”

You couldn’t make this up. The Australian side told him to come, then revoked his visa mid-flight, and threw him in detention. He is “free to leave” but then he can’t play the Grand Slam there for the next 3 years for the grave crime of…what exactly? Falling for their trap?

Novak’s father:

“They could have told him not to come. They’re still keeping him in jail. They took all his things, they just left him a cell phone, he has nothing to wear, change or was with. Novak is a prisoner of those bastards, shame on them.”

Novak’s brother:

“Novak did not break any rules, he was in communication with the Australian authorities all the time, every protocol was followed until he came to the border, where harassment began, which can be called a serious diplomatic violation.

He was then taken to an isolation room. where he was interrogated by the border police, Novak spent the first 45 minutes communicating with family and team members, when communication was abruptly cut off because his phone was confiscated for three and a half hours. After that, his phone was returned to him, but he was then taken to another room, which is the airport detention.

After leaving the airport he went through a metal detector, where they took away all his things, wallet, suitcases, only gave him a cell phone. He then went to a migrant hotel, to a dirty room, without any of his belongings. “

He is being held in an asylum-seeker facility where both the window and the door of his room are locked.

Novak’s mother:

“Nobody deserves this, especially not him, who was constantly greeted with laurels. It is scandalous that they keep him in a dirty room, that he has no contact with his family.

What is funny is that the Australian COVID Rouge is framing the scandal as the entitled, privileged Novak seeking special treatment. Hilarious stuff. A working man is being treated as a pariah for not undergoing mRNA treatments and it’s him who wants special rules? Not the would-be demagogues singling him out for his high profile?

Is it normal to issue visas and revoke them in mid-flight? Who is creating special hoops for whom here?

The classlessness of the Australian cult-occupied banana republic is such it was too much even for Serbia’s lesbian, pro-Western, Soros-backed PM:

“We really don’t understand. Novak has a medical exemption, based on that he got a permit to participate in the tournament, he boarded a plane. If you don’t have a visa or all the documents, you can’t even board a plane, especially not for Australia. Other tennis players who had a medical exemption entered the country.”

“Novak was treated differently. He has an exception, he got permission from the tournament organizers, boarded the plane, and was detained for several hours at the airport. He was treated differently from the others and that is what makes us think so.”

Who exactly is seeking special treatment here? The uninjected who don’t care if you inject or not — or the deranged cultists who need everyone to inject the experimental, unnecessary, infection-boosting swill to give comfort to their mental disorder?


  1. EstibenDelMar says

    They are now making NDone of the leaders of the free world because he wont change his stance about the pseudo vaxxes and their risk for his health. He also wont be shut about history and denoouncing how Serbia was bombed to rubles by the Democracies that now host the Grand Slams where Nole makes them remember how big they failed.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “Serbia was bombed to rubles by the Democracies…”

      … and we know they are “democracies” because they say so (how else can they claim the right to bring “freedom and democracy” by carpet-bombing defenceless nations in far-off lands?).

      “They are now making ND one of the leaders of the free world…”

      Damn right. Novak is a hero even in Australia despite the wall-to-wall BS emanating from the Australian media and political class.

      There will be celebrations unparalleled in history when we finally get to hang every last one of these Satanic arseholes.

      1. EstibenDelMar says

        yes i forgot to say “Democrazies”

  2. TZVI says

    Big mistake, take the three year ban and fight it from overseas…these guys might make sure he gets a bad strain of Covid for propaganda purposes.

    1. TZVI says

      Actually worse than COVID:


      “THE mother of tennis star Novak Djokovic has said claimed her son is trapped in a filthy hotel “full of fleas and maggots” after his Australian visa was dramatically revoked.”

      Fleas, if he gets bitten he would wish for just Covid…they often carry Lyme, Endemic Typhus, etc., and that is you don’t get the “special” fleas, then you will get multiple strains.

      If he was Russian he might have been “paranoid” enough to avoid that and go home…

      1. silver9blue says

        Bit crazy novak. His lawyers said he had covid on Dec 16 after a test. Looked for a loophole to enter Australia mask less of course. His father said he was treated worse than Jesus. Sorry, No tennis player is equal to Jesus Christ.

    2. Mr Reynard says

      Or ?? They will assassinate him like they did to African Presidents who kicked out the Coronacircus out?
      All suddenly died from Coronacircus ??

    3. silver9blue says

      He had covid, after a test on Dec 16. Still seen out about mask less video playing tennis with kids. He is a loophole seeker.

      1. TZVI says

        Thank you for the info, I also just read it on Zerohedge, it was not available to me when I posted. In any case if indeed there are fleas at his hotel, he is in grave danger, if only from the incidental chance he might get a from of Rickettsia.

      2. TZVI says

        Always possible, more likely chem contact cocktail on door handles, just sick enough to loose…”dirty deeds done dirt cheap”.

  3. ken says

    “He is “free to leave” but then he can’t play the Grand Slam there for the next 3 years”

    Why would anyone WANT to?

    I know most sports types want to EARN a title. If someone that is a challenge is prohibited from competing because of silly crap like the rona than they’ll never know if they were the best, or not.

    Sure, they’ll have the trophy but everyone will know they didn’t earn it. All those tennis players should stop playing and should leave in protest but I know they don’t have the camaraderie to do that. Shameful…

    The world needs to pull all sporting events from these scumbag nations whose governments are an embarrassment to humans everywhere.

    Hell, even in Hitler’s Germany all were allowed to compete in the 36 Olympics.

    1. Kieran says

      Djokovic has got majority of his grand slam titles in Australian Opens so there could have been an error in judgement on his part to board the plane to Australia otherwise, seeing what has become of Australia post COVID, he should have kept away

    2. Eddy says

      IF, it is true, that he was given exemption to arrive in Australia, I’m pretty sure he would have documentation to support that claim. IF he does have that documentation, he’s free and clear to SUE the Australian Government for every cent he stands to lose, and more for personal loss as well. This will be resolved in the Courts, (not the tennis courts either) and the lawyers will have a field day, and rub their hands in expectation of the lucrative loot they stand to gain. It’s simply another case of Scomo from marketing, dropping the clutch on his mouth, before ensuring his brain was in gear. Watch this space for it’s future developments.

  4. Kieran says

    Djokovic must be ruing his boarding the plane after being cleared by two medical panels to participate in the Australian Opens. He has literally fallen through a rabbit hole into an Orwellian Nightmare, the likes of which Lewis Carroll or George Orwell could not conjure in their wildest dreams.

    Djokovic is currently tied in Grand Slam titles with Nadal and Federer and this haste to prove himself the Greatest of all times tennis player may have caused his error of judgement where he is now a captive of one of the weirdest COVID enforcing fascists who invent a rule a minute to suit their insane COVID dictats. the Djoker is in the match of his life

  5. Phil says

    Australian pestilence knows no limits. They gave no word, acting in the same way than in Afghanistan, where criminal “special forces” spent time by shooting kids and elders. It’s the same process there. These people find their origins in deported convicts 2 centuries ago : they got good roots and keep mastering it.

  6. silver9blue says

    His lawyers have revealed he had covid, showed positive from a test on Dec 16. Did he enter Australia mask less still having covid is a good question. Looking for loopholes is one thing walking around giving covid is another.

    1. TZVI says

      The link I provided above shows Djokovic in a N-95 / Kn-95 mask at the border…

      Once again:

      If you have RELIABLE information that can refute this photo, please let us know, we should try to keep an open mind.

  7. Adam says

    Why doesn’t he just go home, who cares if you can’t play in Australia for the next 3 years. He needs some self respect, instead only basing his life on money and trophies. More respect for the likes of Ali who went to prison for his beliefs of not enlisting

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