1.5 to 2 Billion People Have Already Had COVID, Fatality Rate Is 0.15% — New Ioannidis Study

Time and again antibodies tests reveal the infection is far more widespread, and FAR less deadly than media & government narrative

Editor’s note: For the entire article go here, what follows is the abstract.

Reconciling estimates of global spread and infection fatality rates of COVID‐19: an overview of systematic evaluations

First published: 26 March 2021



Estimates of community spread and infection fatality rate (IFR) of COVID‐19 have varied across studies. Efforts to synthesize the evidence reach seemingly discrepant conclusions.


Systematic evaluations of seroprevalence studies that had no restrictions based on country and which estimated either total number of people infected and/or aggregate IFRs were identified. Information was extracted and compared on eligibility criteria, searches, amount of evidence included, corrections/adjustments of seroprevalence and death counts, quantitative syntheses and handling of heterogeneity, main estimates, and global representativeness.


Six systematic evaluations were eligible. Each combined data from 10‐338 studies (9‐50 countries), because of different eligibility criteria. Two evaluations had some overt flaws in data, violations of stated eligibility criteria, and biased eligibility criteria (e.g. excluding studies with few deaths) that consistently inflated IFR estimates. Perusal of quantitative synthesis methods also exhibited several challenges and biases. Global representativeness was low with 78‐100% of the evidence coming from Europe or the Americas; the two most problematic evaluations considered only 1 study from other continents. Allowing for these caveats, 4 evaluations largely agreed in their main final estimates for global spread of the pandemic and the other two evaluations would also agree after correcting overt flaws and biases.


All systematic evaluations of seroprevalence data converge that SARS‐CoV‐2 infection is widely spread globally. Acknowledging residual uncertainties, the available evidence suggests average global IFR of ~0.15% and ~1.5‐2.0 billion infections by February 2021 with substantial differences in IFR and in infection spread across continents, countries, and locations.

Source: European Journal of Clinical Investigation

  1. ken says

    The author is a doctor,,, surely he knows that if you had the common cold recently the antibody tests will pick up on it.

    Remember,,, covid is the everything virus. No matter what disease you may have,,, it’s covid. No matter what you really die of,,, it’s covid.

    Even if covid was real,,, the big deal is?? The damn flu is more dangerous but it doesn’t sell the fear porn as good.

  2. Art says

    How can someone die from a non-cause? SARS-CoV-2 never isolated, does not exist. People do and have been dying since well since there’ve been humans.

  3. Val says

    It’s 0.03% if 97% survive, is it not?

    1. John says

      No, it’s 3% if 97% survive, it’s 0.03% if 99.97% survive.

    2. Field Empty says

      You’re correct if you get rid of the % sign.

      0.03 is indeed 3% of 1.

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